1. fluke calibrator
Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator
Fluke 725 ex    Multifunction Process Calibrator  
Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator
Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator-HART
Fluke 700G Precision Pressure Gauge Calibrator
Fluke 700PTP-1 Pneumatic Test Pump


جهت خرید با توانه کار تماس بگیرید 


 Fluke-700PTP-1 pneumatic test pump is capable of supplying pressures up to 600 psi, 40 bar.

For use with 700 series pressure modules or test gauges. Can be directly connected to the reference port consolidating two separate pieces when performing pressure calibration and testing. Can also be used with 717 pressure calibrators. Ideal for calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure switches and pressure gauges up to 600 PSI/40 bar.


 Rugged, high-quality pressure gauge calibrator for fast and accurate test results, now with 23 ranges.

  • Ranging from 15 to 10,000 psi
  • Bright backlit display for easy viewing of pressure measurements
  • Rugged, durable design with protective holster
  • High accuracy, 0.05% total measurement uncertainty for one year
  • Combined with either the 700PTPK pneumatic pump kit or the 700HTPK hydraulic pump kit for a complete measurement and testing solution
  • Demand measurement logging to a PC or to internal memory with 700G/TRACK software
  • Work safely in classified areas known to include explosive gasses;
    • CSA: Class 1, Div2, Groups A-D rating
    • ATEX: rating II 3 G Ex nA IIB T6
  • Three-year warranty promises long term value for the investment


مولتی کالیبراتور چند منظوره
فلوک 726 دستگاهی جهت کالیبره انواع دستگاه های اندازه گیری و ترموکوبل ها و انواع پارامترها می باشد.
این دستگاه با دقت فوق العاده خود به عنوان یک دستگاه کالیبراتور فوق حرفه و مرجع در میان کالیبراتور های موجود در بازار می باشد. این دستگاه قابلیت کالیبره انواع دستگاه های: ولت متر، آمپر متر، میلی آمپرمتر، تستر مقاومت، تستر خازن و انواع ترموکوبل های دمایی و دستگاه های اندازه گیری فرکانس و RTD و… را دارا است.

لازم به ذکر این دستگاه ساخت کشور آمریکا می باشد و بصورت موجود قابل ارایه است

دارای قابلیت ذخیره کالیبراسیون مقدار و تجزیه و تحلیل آن

قابلیت تفسیر نتایج اندازه گیری
-قابلیت کالیبره انواع ترموکوبل های زیر

J, K, T, E, L, N, U, C, BP, XK

دارای محافظت ولتاژ ورودی جهت بالا بردن ظریب اطمینان

Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator
  • More precise measurement and calibration source performance, accuracies of 0.01%.
  • Two separate channels; measure, source and view process signals simultaneously
  • Measure volts, mA, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency, and resistance to test sensors and transmitters
  • Source/simulate volts, mA, thermocouples, RTDs, frequency, and pressure to calibrate transmitters
  • Measure or source pressure* using any of 29 Fluke 700Pxx Pressure Modules
  • Source mA with simultaneous pressure measurement to conduct valve and I/P tests
  • Integrated pressure switch test allows you to capture the set, reset and deadband of a switch
  • Memory storage for up to 8 calibration results, return stored calibration data from the field for later analysis
  • Transmitter error% calculation, interpret calibration results without a calculator
  • Perform fast linearity tests with auto step and auto ramp features
  • Power transmitters during test using 24 V loop supply and simultaneous mA measurement
  • Store frequently-used test setups for later use
  • Frequency totalizer and frequency pulse train source mode for enhanced flowmeter testing
  • HART mode inserts 250 ohm resistor in mA measure and source for compatibility with HART instrumentation
  • Custom RTD curves, add calibration constants for certified RTD probes for enhanced temperature measurement.
  • New voltage input protection design for improved reliability
  • Three-year warranty